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Wrong Operation Numbers Equal Lost Jobs
Updated On: Aug 27, 2017

Members are strongly advised to make sure they clock onto the correct operation numbers as they are working each day.

The work members do each day needs to be properly recorded. Why? Because the Postal Service uses the number of hours spent on an operation to determine the number of jobs needed in conjunction with mail volumes, and the union uses the same information to support keeping or adding jobs. If the information is wrong, it results in a loss of hours for critical operations and ultimately a corresponding loss of jobs.

Examples of where we are not properly reporting work hours:

  1. A box clerk is in Operation 769 when distributing box mail, however they should move to operation 558 when doing box maintenance or working in WebBATS.
  2. A window clerk in operation 355 (station and branches) or 568 (main office) moves to the lobby as a Lobby Assistant should move to operation 352.
  3. Clerks in training or receiving a service talk should move to operation 784.
  4. Clerks involved in a meeting should move to operation 631.
  5. Amazon Sunday Delivery should be in operation 077.
  6. Clerks performing duties in registry/accountable cart should be on operation 544.
  7. Stewards on union time should be on operation 608.
  8. Clerk that are only scanning and it is not a part of the distribution activities should be on operation 065.
  9. Clerks performing custodial duties should be on operation 748.
  10. Manual letter sortation is operation 161 and manual flats sortation is operation 172, however, if you are performing allied distribution, the proper code is 241.
  11. Distributing mail to carriers, mail preparation, staging mail, withdrawing mail from distribution cases, etc. are examples for work activities performed under the operation 241.

Make sure you are working under the right operation. The job you save could be your own.


October 23, 2018
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